How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

If you are looking to do beautifully shaped, full, and perfectly arched eyebrows, Beauty ‘N Fashion has got your back! Do you find that it feels like great looking eyebrows are almost impossible to achieve? No matter what the style is, it seems like it is so hard to do! We have created this blog to help you overcome your fear and give you the best eyebrows possible! These fun Beauty Tips on how to fill in your brows will leave you with perfect, flawless, and well-shaped eyebrows that will have everyone talking about them. The trick is to line, fill, then blend!  

Step One- Line 

Start by grabbing your favorite eyebrow pencil that has a fine tip to line. You are going to use this to line the top part of your eyebrow. In order to start, we recommend that you locate a starting point to your eyebrow. To find this, you are going to need to hold the pencil vertically, lined up with the bridge of your nose, then you are going to move it to the right of your nostril and mark where the pencil is by your eyebrows. Next, pivot the pencil until it is aligned with the outer corner of your eye, mark that spot too. Now, connect these two dots on the top of your eyebrow with a light and even line.  

Step Two- Fill 

You will only need to do this step if you do not have naturally filled in eyebrows. For those of us with some sparse eyebrows, begin at the tail end of your eyebrow and with little, short, feathery strokes, begin to fill in the missing pieces to your brows. It is important to make sure your strokes are starting on the underside of your eyebrow and moving outward towards your temple. This will give you the most natural look.  

Step 3- Blend 

The third and final step is to get your spoolie brush and blend your pencil and strokes at a 45-degree angle. This will blend everything into your natural eyebrow hairs and give you a very natural looking look.  

How We Can Help 

If you have sparse or lightly coloured eyebrows and you want them to stand out more, this simple three step process couldn’t be easier! Practice also always makes perfect, so go and give this a try today! You can also go to the Beauty ‘N Fashion website for more Beauty Tips, Fashion Tips, and Lifestyle Tips.