How to Make Your Holiday’s More Eco-Friendly

Are you tired every year during the holiday season of watching more and more materials go to waste? You can end that this holiday season because we have put together a guide just for you of all the secret and magical hacks you can use to be more environmentally-friendly! These small changes are easy to implement and will make all the difference!

Wrapping Gifts

Did you know that standard wrapping paper is actually not recyclable and goes right into the landfill? This surprising news should be enough to have you change your ways in no time. Think about all the wrapping paper you have or have bought over previous years; don’t you think it’s time to change ways to a more eco-friendly solution?

We present to you wrapping your gifts with kraft paper or some newspaper. These materials can be easily recycled and will be better for the environment. Another tip for your gift wrapping is instead of using tape switch to twine to hold your gifts together! Twine can be composted and will add to your rustic theme for the holidays!

Reuse What You Can

Why throw away a gift bag, ribbon, and tissue from a present you’ve received when it’s still in quality condition to be used for another gift. This hack can help you with being environmentally friendly and even help you save a bit financially. Start opening your gifts gently and save what you can to wrap other gifts with it.

Re-Wear Your Holiday Outfits

Did you buy your favourite dress for the last holiday season and wish you could wear it this year? Well, you can! Take your favourite dress from last year and turn it into a different look. You can do this by wearing it with different accessories that you have. Take one of your jackets, scarfs, or booties and turn it into a new look!

No More Disposable Cutlery

If you’re deciding to host a holiday party this season, make it more environmentally friendly by using real utensils and kitchenware over disposable items like cutlery and plates. Why not just use your dishwasher or work together to wash all the dishes at the end of the night? You could also switch to changing to biodegradable options. With this small change, you will not be another person adding to the amount of garbage from the holidays.

Cook Your Favourite Meals & Treats

The amount of waste that comes with ordering take out is enough to make someone decide to do some home cooking or baking! Take out comes with lots of waste and sometimes it’s just not worth it. This holiday cook your favourite dish or host a potluck party instead!