6 Easy Hacks to Color Grey Eyebrows

As we age, it is natural for grey hair to make an appearance. While most people only think about grey hair on their heads, your facial hair can also lose its pigment and turn grey as well. Men will go grey in their beards, and women will start to grey in their eyebrows, which can be extremely distressing for some. There are many products on the market to darken, shape, and refine your brows. There are not as many effective methods to hide the grey, however, Beauty ‘N Fashion has put together a list of six eye brow hair tips that can hide your grey eyebrow hairs and leave you with a natural look.

6 Effective Ways to Hide Grey Eyebrows

  1. Plucking the grey hair
  2. Darkening with eye shadow or brow pencil
  3. Concealing with cosmetics
  4. Using temporary eyebrow dye or tint
  5. Dying your brows at your hair salon
  6. Dying eyebrows at home

These are the main methods we have found that effectively cover grey eyebrow hair that results in a more natural appearance. We will go over each one in more detail below.


Plucking or threading grey hair from your eyebrows is effective if you have thicker brows. This method is best when there are only a few numbers of grey hairs, generally when your eyebrows just start to turn grey. People with sparse brows may want to use another option as removing this volume of hair will make you appear to have no brows.

Eyebrow Pencil & Eye Shadow

The most common way to shape your eyebrows and conceal the grey is by using an eyebrow pencil to darken your brows. You can also use a dark brown or dark black eye shadow to cover grey hair. If you are feeling brave, you can pluck or shave all of your hair and draw them back on for a perfectly shaped, dark eyebrow.

Using Cosmetics

There are a lot of brow products on the market these days, and the vast majority will cover your grey hair with flair. You can use a brow mascara, a brow pomade, or even a liquid liner to cover the grey hair framing your eyes. Which one you use depends on how dramatic you feel on any particular day.

Temporary Hair Dye or Tint

The same technique you use on your hair to cover grey strands will also work for your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow tint or dye will give you long-term results that will look exceedingly natural. It works so well that you won’t have to re-dye your eyebrow hair for at least a week. Swimming will wash out any dye, on your head or on your brows, so keep that in mind before you take the plunge.

Dying at Your Hair Salon

If you spend any time in a hair salon, especially to dye the hair on your head, you can ask them to do your brows as well. Most hairstylists won’t mind tossing a bit of hair dye from your allotted mixture on your brows, and it is a good way to keep your hair matching.

Dying Your Eyebrows at Home

Most home-based hair dyes are listed as not safe for the eye area. While this is true, if you are very careful you can do a home dye job with little to no effort. Just make sure you take good care and not get the dye in your eyes. Be warned that sometimes hair dye can stain the skin or the color may not match as well as you like. To avoid staining, apply Vaseline around your brows before you start.

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