The Secrets To Glowing Skin

You might have heard the term “beauty is only skin deep”, while this might seem true, your skin is actually more important than that. Beauty ‘N Fashion has put together the best kept secret for beautiful, glowing skin. These will allow you to have the healthiest and vibrant skin possible! 

Avoid Taking Long Hot Showers 

For best results, try cooler and shorter showers. When you take hot and long showers, this ends up stripping the skin of protective oils and steals the moisture away. In order to avoid this, use moderately cool water and limit yourself to being in the shower for 10 minutes.    

Use Aloe Daily 

When you have extra dry skin, this is particularly important. You should be using aloe gel on your skin every day. This can be even more imperative if you get a sunburn. Aloe contains these acids that speed up the healing process and eat dead skin cells. The aloe you can buy in the store is good, or if you have a fresh plant, trim a leaf off, cut it open, and spread the fresh jelly over your skin, particularly the driest areas first.  

Make Sure To Eat Garlic Daily 

Not only is this a tasty spice that you can put into virtually any meal, in some form or another, it actually helps your skin cells grow. There was a Danish study done back in 1996 that took a culture dish of skin cells and treated it with garlic. They found that the lifespan of the cells was seven times greater than that of standard grown cells. These garlic treated cells also tended to look more youthful and healthier than their non-treated counterparts. Garlic is a bit of a miracle spice, really. It also helps to inhibit cancer cell growth, dramatically. 

Oranges As A Snack 

As you might know, oranges contain a lot of vitamin C. Which, handy enough, is an essential ingredient for the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen helps to maintain the skin’s youthful and smooth appearance. Some other foods loaded with vitamin C include:  

-Kiwi Fruit
-Red Peppers 

Daily Exfoliation 

 When you have your daily 10 minute, cool shower, make sure to use a loofah to eliminate ingrown hairs and control scaly skin. If you notice rough patches of skin while in the shower, in a circular motion, softly scrub these areas in order to get rid of all dead skin cells.  

Take Your Daily Multivitamins 

There are a lot of vital nutrients that aid in proper skin health that can be found in your vitamins. These important vitamins include:  

-Vitamin A
-Vitamin B
-Vitamin C 

To name a few. In order to ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of these, you need to be taking your multivitamin daily and eating healthy.  

Don’t Touch Your Face! 

Your hands are in contact with a plethora of different things at all times. There are so many different surfaces that they are in contact with, making them a germ and dirt magnet. Therefore, when you touch your face in any way, whether it be itching something on your forehead, touching your cheek, rubbing your eyes, or inquisitive thinking while touching your chin, you have now effectively transferred all the dirt and germs from your hands onto your face. Your phone can also be a vessel for unwanted germs and dirt. When you need to talk on the phone, alternatively use headphones or put it on speaker so that you are not resting it on your face.  

Just Like The Seasons, Change Your Moisturizer 

When the seasons change, change your moisturizer! As a rule, the winter months are colder and drier than in the summer. Meaning that you need a moisturizer that is heavy duty with more moisture during the winter months, and one that is not as potent during the summer. A good way to try and remember this is when you switch out your closet for warm coats, switch out your moisturizer to a heavier one. When you switch back to lighter clothes, get a lighter moisturizer too. Doing this will adequately provide your skin with the right amount of added moisture from the moisturizers, without it being too much or too little.  

Take Off Excess Oils 

Blotting papers are perfect for removing excess oils from your face. Simply blot away the oils periodically and de-shine your face. You can also use loose powder and dab it on to blot out the extra oil. Make sure that you don’t use pressed powder! This is not loose powder. If you use pressed powder, this will increase the oiliness on your face because it has oil as an ingredient.  

Carefully Select Your Cosmetics 

The simpler your beauty products are, the better. This is especially true for people who have sensitive skin. Avoid everything that has fragrance or colour. Also avoid things that have antibacterial on the label and things that produce bubbles.  

How We Can Help  

We hope that these Beauty Tips can help you get the flawless, glowing, and youthful skin you desire! If you want to read more helpful Beauty ‘N Fashion tips, go to our website and check out the rest of our beauty blogs!