6 Lipstick Tips You Must Know

Lipstick truly is a way of life for those who love to wear it. If there are tricks that can make wearing your favorite shade easier or to help the color last longer, they are worth learning. We have put together a list of six need to know tips about lipstick that will change the way you think about this must-have beauty accessory. Our tips range from exfoliating your lips all the way to proper lip liner application. If you are a true lipstick lover and are interested in handy tips then keep on reading!

Transform Any Color into Matte

Matte lips have been a running trend over the last few years, however not every shade comes in a matte finish. If your favorite lip color isn’t available in a matte formula we have a simple fix. All you have to do is use any matte blush that is close to your lipstick shade and by using your finger pat it on your lips for a perfect matte lip transformation.

Lock In Your Lip Color

The most challenging thing about lipstick is its tendency to transfer or fade as the day goes by. One simple trick to lock in your color all day is to start by blotting the excess with a tissue immediately after application. Next, separate a ply of clean tissue and keep one in each of your hands. Lay a single-ply of tissue over your lip then dust with translucent powder. Put another layer of lipstick after completing the steps above, and the end result is locked in lipstick that will last all day.

Always Exfoliate

Some colors are more forgiving than others when applied to the lips, but if you start with a solid base any color will make the lips pop. Lips that are flakey or dry will cause your lipstick to appear patchy and uneven. Starting with lips that are hydrated and smooth will ensure that your lipstick will look perfect. Before applying lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin that may be lurking on the surface. This will leave your lips supple, smooth, and perfectly primed for an even application of any lip color.

Pout Lining Perfection

Perfectly defining your lips can be as complicated as creating the perfect cat-eye. Thankfully, we have a quick tip that will help you line and define your lips perfectly every time. Simply take your lip pencils and draw a line diagonally starting from the highest point of the top of your lip. Bring the line down on the inside of your cupids bow until it touches the bottom of your top lip. Repeat on the other side of your lip creating an X that gives you a perfectly shaped cupid’s bow every time you apply lipstick.

Nude Interlude

Nudes are some of the most common lip colors worn regardless of the occasion. Although we all have our favorites and perfect nude colors, sometimes we run across one that requires a little help. Sometimes it is the color of the lip showing through the lipstick, or it may be that the tone of the lip color is a bit off. The easiest way to fix a nude lip is to cover your lips in concealer prior to lipstick application. This will help the lipstick show up true to color without looking harsh.

Shake Those Feathers

Feathers look great as a fashion accessory but feathering on the lips is not attractive. To prevent your lipstick from feathering simply apply a moderate amount of face primer or a lip primer to clean lips prior to lipstick application.