Ways To Control Your Sweating During the Summer

To a certain point, sweating is good for you, but if you have excessive sweating, this can cause numerous problems, especially during the summer. Beauty ‘N Fashion is here to help! We are going to go over ways that you can try to control how much you are sweating, particularly during those extra hot sunny summer days.  

With summer in full swing, and the hot, humid weather is upon us, and all the fun and wonderful outdoor activities are just beginning! Whether you are enjoying your backyard, out at the beach, or swimming in a pool, your time spent outside increases during these beautiful summer months. The only downside to all these wonderful outdoor activities is the extra sweat you produce. It’s possible that you are familiar with permanently stained armpits and being drenched in sweat constantly. You might even be embarrassed by this, especially if all your friends appear to not suffer the same fate.  

But did you know that there is a purpose to sweat? Sweating is your body’s natural way to try and regulate its internal temperature. This is also known as thermoregulation. When our internal body temperature rises and we get too hot, your body starts to sweat, doing so helps to bring the temperature down. Sweating is also a way your body hydrates your skin. This maintains a good fluid-electrolyte balance.  

It might be shocking to find out, but the average human body is equipped with an astonishing 2-4 million sweat glands. These are primarily found in places like the forehead, underarms, palms, groin, and feet. The way that the cooling mechanism works is that once you release sweat, the process of it evaporating is what draws the heat away and leaves your body cooler.  

Simple Summer Sweat Fixes 

Nightly Antiperspirant Regiment 

You may have thought that antiperspirant and deodorant are the same thing, but in reality, they have different purposes and uses. Antiperspirants will actually reduce your ability to sweat in the areas it is applied. Whereas deodorants only have a fragrance that masks any smells in the areas they are applied. It is the ingredients in antiperspirants that plug up your sweat glands. If you are looking for the most effective antiperspirant, you will need a prescription strength one. Using antiperspirant can be very effective and it is also inexpensive. It also helps to decrease any odor causing sweat, also known as apocrine. However, antiperspirant does contain aluminum. This is what reacts with your sweat to create a physical barrier of salt in your sweat glands. When using antiperspirant, this blockage is able to last a couple of hours before reapplication is necessary for maximum results.  

To maximize the efficiency, be sure to apply your antiperspirant at night to dry skin. It is important to do this because your sweat glands are most dormant at night and this will allow you to effectively block the sweat glands. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to not use anything with a fragrance for your underarms because the skin there is very thin. Fragrance products are typically alcohol based and this is what reacts with sensitive skin to produce irritation and itching reactions.  

Dry Your Deodorant with a Hairdryer 

If you are finding that you produce a lot of sweat, we recommend that you use a hairdryer to dry your deodorant after applying it, but make sure to use the cooling function, not the hot. So, when you are applying your high-strength antiperspirants at night, dry with a cool setting hair dryer, and reapply as needed. For non-medicated deodorants, you can use these in the morning, if you like.  

Don’t Consume Things That Will Make You Sweat 

If you have a particularly hard time with your sweating during the summer, you should be avoiding alcohol. We know that summer is the perfect time to crack open a nice cold beer or a refreshing glass of sangria on a hot day but this will make you sweat even more. Heavy sweating can be triggered by alcohol. If you are looking to avoid any unnecessary extra sweating, avoid caffeine and alcohol all together, since these will stimulate additional sweating. Instead, reach for drinks that have electrolytes in them.  

Another thing to avoid is spicy foods. So, now we have a trinity of things to avoid; caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods. These all induce heavy sweating, regardless of the hot humid weather outside. What happens is that caffeine and alcohol end up stimulating the production of your adrenaline glands, this is what will amplify the production of sweat. For people diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, this is the most common pronounced reason for over sweating. Another term for hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. However, if your body is used to eating spicy foods, it might be less likely to affect you. You might only sweat small drops on your lip, nose, or forehead.  

Hyperhidrosis Prescription 

If you have been trying over the counter methods to try and stop your excessive sweating, only to find that they aren’t working, your next course of action should be to visit your doctor. It is possible that you have a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating that is more than a normal amount. There is a common misconception that people with hyperhidrosis also have perennial excessive sweating. Perennial excessive sweating tends to happen only in the summer months. Although it is equally as intolerable during summer months, it is different from true hyperhidrosis and can be sufficiently treated with over-the-counter products. Meaning that if you are excessively sweating only during the summer, it is not a year-round issue, like hyperhidrosis.  

Sometimes there are other reasons as to why you might be excessively sweating. These can include heart disease, infections, certain cancers, menopause, or pregnancy. If you have not officially been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or perennial excessive sweating and you are experiencing excessive sweating, to be on the safe side, make an appointment to see your doctor to get an official diagnosis, to avoid these other, more serious causes for excessive sweating.  


There are a plethora of options to try and treat excessive sweating. Some of these include things like pills, topical prescriptions, and topical wipes, all making an effort to reduce sweating. Some oral medications that can be prescribed are oxybutynin and glycopyrrolate. Most of these remedies are typically effective in stopping excessive sweating, however, there is a risk of some side effects like headaches, dry eyes, or a dry mouth.  

New Medications 

There has been some promise in new remedies for excessive sweating. A new topical medication called Qbrexza is a medication that uses acetylcholine to block the stimulation of the sweat glands. This is the same stuff that Botox uses to prevent neurotransmitters from firing. As an extreme last resort, you can have your sweat glands removed surgically in order to treat hyperhidrosis.  

Breathable Clothing Is Your Best Friend

Summer Sweating Breathable ClothingAlthough this can seem like an obvious solution, a super easy way to stop the summer sweat is by keeping cool right off the bat. Heat is what triggers sweat, to avoid overheating and to avoid over sweating. You can do this by wearing light-weight, breathable clothes. When you are outside, look for shade and places with air conditioning. Another thing is to not over-exert yourself, especially outside in the humid heat. When looking for appropriate clothes, take note of fabrics that promote good airflow. This includes things like linen, cotton, or blends. You should be avoiding any fabrics that contain things like denim, nylon, or polyester. It is important to switch all your denim clothes with something like chambray, as an alternative.

Wearing things like dresses will also help with air flow and keep your body cooler. Sleeveless shirts are also another great option. It is also important to let your feet be free! Allowing your feet to breathe and get air flow will allow you to be cooler and will decrease your overall body temperature. Do not wear thick socks or big bulky shoes in the summer, a summer fashion faux pas! 

How We Can help

Beauty ‘N Fashion is here to give you all the necessary Beauty Tips to help you get through the summer! You should enjoy your time outside and not have to worry or be embarrassed by excessive sweating. Utilize our tips above so you can enjoy the summer to the fullest! Check out our website for more great beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips!