How to Make Your Liquid Lipstick Last and Stay Smudge-Free

Lipstick is the perfect start or finish to any outfit. You can change your whole mood just with a little swipe of colour. Liquid lipsticks have been around for a while, but they became a favourite among the masses after the beauty community raved about their amazing staying power. Not only are they highly pigmented, but they don’t budge even after hours of wear. That being said, liquid lipsticks are a bit trickier to apply than the traditional version. Beauty ‘N Fashion has a few tips that will help you master a precise, smudge-free application for all-day wear.

Step One: Start Things Off With a Good Base

You must moisturize and buff your lips prior to applying liquid lipstick. Liquid formulas will often dry out your lips and highlight flaky patches. Wearing balm overnight is the best option, but you can also apply balm at the start of your makeup routine. By the time you are ready to apply lipstick, you will have the perfect base for a luscious lip.

Step Two: Remove Extra Shine

Take a tissue and blot, not rub, your lips. This will get rid of any excess oil and shine from your lip balm. If you plan to wear an extremely drying lip formula, you can skip this step to maintain a level of comfort during the day.

Step Three: Draw Your Lines

Using a lip liner, outline the shape of your lips that you prefer. For some, this may mean over-lining to create the illusion of fullness, or under-lining for a smaller pout. Make an X along your cupids bow and around the rest of your lips according to your taste.

Repeat the X on the lower part of your lip to create a defining effect, and then fill it in with your lip pencil. This step helps your lipstick to last longer and also gives you a guideline to follow during application.

Step Four: Buff Your Edges

Buffing the edges of the liner with a soft brush makes the line softer and more natural. Make sure not to rub so hard that you remove the pigment, but just enough that you smooth the harsh edges.

Step Five: Applying Lipstick

Start applying your liquid lipstick from the edges of your mouth and work your way towards the center. This allows you to get a precise application without moving the edges of your lips around. Trace your mouth with the tip of your doe-foot applicator wand and fill in the rest with gentle swipes.

Step Six: Erase Mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes with a liquid lipstick, and it is equally easy to clean them up. You can use a cotton bud with a small amount of makeup remover to correct any smudges of pigment outside of your lip lines. If you managed to get lipstick on another area of your face, simply use a bit of face cream and a clean brush. Buff the area lightly to remove the lipstick, and then add a final coat of gloss or lip polish. By following this makeup advice, you should be left with a perfect, smudge-proof, stay all day pout.