Interesting Ways to Help You Reduce Your Wrinkles

Nobody likes to look older than they really are. You especially don’t want to look older due to your wrinkles. Although they are a natural part of aging, we all want to avoid getting unsightly wrinkles. As we age, it’s harder and harder to avoid wrinkles. Luckily, Beauty ‘N Fashion has come up with a few nifty tricks that you can do to reduce the look of your wrinkles!

Good Skin Care Basics to Practice

There are some really good skin care essentials that you should be doing if you want to keep your skin looking rejuvenated and youthful.

The essentials are:

-Avoid unnecessary sun exposure

-If you go outside, put on broad spectrum sunscreen

-Wear long sleeves and pants to protect you from the sun

-Do not smoke

-Always use moisturizer

Try to Sleep on Your Back

This can be a tricky thing to monitor, since you’re sleeping, but try to stay on your back while you sleep. This will avoid unsavory “sleep lines”that are created when you are in other positions for long periods of time at night. Sleep lines are developed from sleeping in certain positions that create lines in your skin. These are wrinkles that are etched into your skin permanently. A popular position known to give you sleep lines comes from laying on your sides. These wrinkles usually show up on your cheeks and chin. Other sleep lines are formed when sleeping face down, this will give you lines on your brows.

Consume More Salmon/Fish

One of the most important building blocks for your skin is protein. Salmon and other fish is a great source for the protein your body needs to regenerate your skin. Fish are also chalk-full of omega-3 fatty acids which also aid in achieving healthy skin. It is known that the fatty acids nourish your skin, helping your cells stay plump and radiant. When your skin cells are full and nourished, this helps to minimize wrinkles caused by sagging and deflated skin cells.

Realize When You Need Glasses

Squinting is a major contributor to wrinkles around the eyes. When you repeatedly make certain facial expressions, eventually the facial muscles will permanently be grooved into that pattern, leaving your face with wrinkles. This is completely preventable, so if you notice that you are squinting, consider getting a pair of reading glasses or consult your optometrist for other prescription glasses. Sunglasses are also very imperative on sunny days to help keep you from squinting. They are multipurpose by protecting your eyes from the sun and also the skin around your eyes from sun damage.

Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids

This is a natural and safe acid that aids in lifting away dead skin cells lingering on your skin. When you remove these dead cells, it helps to diminish the look of fine lines, pours, and wrinkles, especially around your eyes. You can also look into stronger forms of AHAs. This is known to help boost the collagen in your skin. Collagen is a protein in your skin cells that gives them firmness and strength. If you have a lot of collagen production in your skin cells, this will give you healthy and plump skin that is devoid of wrinkles. The only drawback for using AHAs is that it will make your skin sensitive to the sun, this makes wearing sunscreen every day extra necessary.

Careful to Not Over-Wash Your Face

Most tap water is filled with chemicals. These chemicals are hard on your skin and end up stripping it of moisture and its natural oils. Moisture and natural oils are important for helping to protect you from wrinkles. So, when you wash your face too much, this protection gets washed away, leaving you vulnerable to wrinkles. An alternative is to use a moisturizer infused soap, gel, or a cream cleanser.

Get Vitamin C Infused Moisturizer

There have been some studies done that have found that when a cream has vitamin C in it, it can boost the production of collagen in your skin. Vitamin C is also beneficial for protecting you against UVA and UVB rays from the sun. It has also been proven to help reduce redness in your skin, dark spots, and skin tones that are uneven. There are also different types of vitamin C out there and you need to be sure to use the correct one on your skin. For the best wrinkle protection, use L-ascorbic acid. Ascorbyl palmitate is also another name for vitamin C that you might see listed on the ingredients.

Skin Care Products with Soy

Certain studies are suggesting that soy can protect and improve the look of your skin. When soy is applied to your skin or taken orally through a supplement (not a food), this can help protect you against the sun and potentially heal some sun damaged skin. It also helps the firmness and structure of your skin and aids in evening out your skin tone.

Drink Cocoa Instead of Coffee

There has been a study that showed if you drink cocoa that has high levels of epicatechin and catechin (antioxidants) is a tasty way to reduce wrinkles as you drink. These antioxidants help protect your skin from the sun, it improves the blood flow to your skin cells, it helps keep moisture in your skin cells, and it will make your skin look and feel much smoother. Enjoy drinking your Cocoa!

How We Can Help

It can be hard work looking after your skin to try and avoid wrinkles. One of the most proactive things you can do is learn all you can about this and then implement the tips and tricks laid out by Beauty ‘N Fashion. Stay up to date on the latest Beauty Tips by reading our blog. For more information, check out our website!