Tips on Preventing & Treating Nail Problems

If you are not a regular at the nail salon, it can be easy to take proper nail care for granted. If you let your nails grow without proper care, they can get infected or even cause problems with mobility. If you are curious about how to prevent or treat common nail problems, this guide from Beauty ‘N Fashion may help.

Nail Biting

Biting your nails is not only unhygienic, but it can also make you sick. Anytime you are sick with a cold or flu, biting your nails can introduce those viruses into the nail bed. This creates the perfect condition for ingrown nails and infections along the surface of your fingers.

Trim Properly

Nails stay healthy when they are cut straight and trimmed short. Long nails are prone to breakage and also give bacteria more places to hide and multiply. Avoid cutting the sides of your toenails too far in order to prevent ingrown nails. If your nails are too hard to cut easily, try cutting them after your shower, or soak them in saltwater. To learn more about how to cut your nails properly to prevent infection, follow the link to our other blog post.

Wash Properly

Rinsing your hands is ok every once in a while if you are in a rush, but it is important to wash properly. Germs love to live in tight spaces such as under your nails and in the edges of your cuticles. Make sure to take the time to use soap and water while washing your hands for at least 30 seconds to kill germs.

Dry Your Hands

Fungus and bacteria love to live in moist environments, such as on wet hands. Keeping your hands and feet dry will prevent the buildup of these harmful substances while also preventing nail splitting. Using gloves to wash the dishes and pure cotton socks will help keep your nails dry and healthy.

Wear the Right Size Shoes

Too big or too small shoes can cause your toenails to become ingrown. Too tight or too loose shoes can also cause sores and blisters that will eventually lead to infection. Also, if you plan to visit a public area such as the gym or pool, always wear sandals to prevent getting infections from other people’s feet.

Salon Rules

Going to the nail salon is a great way to maintain your nails, however, it is a good idea to bring your own tools and nail polish. Disinfect them at home and only use your own supplies to prevent cross-contamination. Your cuticles protect your body from germs that try to seek entry along your nails. Pushing them back reduces their effectiveness and should be avoided at all costs. Make sure your nail tech is informed before you start your services.

Get a Checkup

If your nails are painful, become discolored, or start to leak blood or puss, visit a dermatologist right away. If you notice discoloration without pain, you should also get a checkup to ensure that your nails are not harboring melanoma. For those who suffer from diabetes or any other condition that affects the immune system, it is critical to pay attention to the health of your nails.

How We Can Help

Taking care of your nails is easy when you follow the tips we have mentioned above. For more beauty tips from Beauty ‘N Fashion, see our other nail care blog posts on our website today.