8 Tips for Beautiful Hair & Skin

Everyone wants blemish-free skin that is smooth to the touch. Men and women alike also strive for thick, silky, and voluminous hair. While these are good goals to have, it makes you wonder can you achieve them without spending hundreds of dollars at the salon. The short and easy answer is yes. Instead of spending all of your spare income on costly sessions at the hair salon, use these 8 creative tips from Beauty ‘N Fashion for better hair and flawless skin.

For Dull & Oily Skin

Cold yogurt with a sugar spread over slices of orange is an affordable homemade exfoliating recipe. Rubbing this combination over your skin and then washing your face with cold water will leave you feeling refreshed. Your old skin cells will have been rubbed away, and your skin will get a natural boost of vitamin C for extra glow at the same time.

Natural Hair Color

Sometimes you may want to add a wash of color to your hair without using chemicals or henna. All you have to do is stew 2 tsp black tea, 2 cups of water and a few sprigs of rosemary until the water has reduced by half. Mix this liquid with your favorite shampoo for a simple, natural, color boost. Leave it in for 15 minutes and see the results.

For Dull, Tired & Dry Skin

Another great home remedy is to rub fresh papaya into the skin. Then, you should follow with a scrub made from honey, cold milk and rolled oats. Wash the face with a bit of cold milk and pat dry as usual. This will leave your skin full of moisture while getting rid of old skin cells.

Frizzy Hair

Toss that store-bought hair spray out the window and make your own. Simmer two cups of water along two lemons sliced until the mixture is concentrated by half. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray on your hair. Static will be banished, your hair will smell great, and you will have a natural glow.

Smooth Skin

If you are planning to wear a backless dress or otherwise expose your skin, you will want to look flawless. Instead of investing in a costly body scrub, mix a cup of sea salt with a have cup of olive oil. If you have sandalwood, add a few drops and mix it all together. Use in place of a body scrub and wipe away with a wet towel after use.

Banish Under Eye Issues

Chamomile tea bags that have been stored in the freezer are a great way to help soothe the eyes. Take a cucumber and shred in on a grater. Rub the pulp into the eye area and then place the tea bags on top for 10-15 minutes to banish dark circles and bags.

Face Lift at Home

The swiftest way to get the facelift look without surgery is with ice water and honey. Wash your face with ice-cold water and a tsp of honey. Then, brush an egg white that has been beaten into peaks onto your face. Allow it to dry to tighten the skin. Wash with ice-cold water.

Quick Hair Care

Washing your hair takes a long time, and if you don’t have any to spare, we have a hack to help. Brush a little bit of talcum powder onto your brush and run it through your hair. This will absorb the oil and leave your hair beautifully bouncy.

How We Can Help

These are just a few tips that can help you save money while looking your best at the same time. If you are looking for more do it yourself beauty hacks, Beauty ‘N Fashion is here to help. Head over to our skincare page or hair page to see more blog posts for more ideas!