A Quick Guide to Applying Matte Eye Shadow

There are so many different eye shadows on the market that are available in different colors, finishes, variations of shades, and formulation. While no brand has the same exact formula as the other, matte shadows perform much in the same way regardless of what brand makes it. If you are an eye shadow newbie, or if you are a veteran who wants to learn a new trick, Beauty ‘N Fashion has put together a easy matte shadow guide that can help!

Always Use a Primer

For matte shadows to last all day and to help the color pop, make sure to always apply a primer before anything else. Many people will use concealer as their primer, but this often leads to slipping and creasing as the day goes on. A good eye primer applied in a thin layer will give you the stick you need to hold your shadow in place all day. You can apply with a brush, your finger, or even a sponge. Just remember that you only need a very thin layer. Let it dry down for at least a full minute before going in with your eye shadow.

Use a Neutral Base

Start with a neutral color over your entire lid. Choose one that is either slightly lighter or slightly darker than your skin tone. The point is to give your eye an even wash of color for your other shadows to blend into. Blend over your entire lid all the way up to your eyebrow with a firm yet gentle touch.

Focus on Your Lids

Once you have your base laid down, take a deeper color, and start applying that to the outer area of your eye. This will give your look dimension and depth when you are finished. Keep in mind you will need to work a bit faster to ensure all of your mattes are blended together. Don’t fall for the hype that 10-20 brushes are needed to create a nice eye look. You can master your blend with as little as two to three quality makeup brushes.

Contour the Crease

Next, take a darker color on your eye contour brush and start to blend that into your crease. For hooded eyes, open your lid and create a crease just above your natural curvature. Use circular motions with a tapered brush over your crease to help form the shape you want over your eyes. Just remember, blend, blend, blend, and then, blend some more. The better you blend the more cohesive and polished your look will appear.

Top It off With Liner & Mascara

For those who love eyeliner, you can line your eye with liquid or a traditional pencil. Since you are using all mattes, it is better to keep the liner simple instead of going for a blown out wing. Next, take a plumping mascara and apply two coats to your top lashes. Apply a small swash of highlighter to your outer brow corner for bling, and you are good to go!

How We Can Help

Getting your eye shadow just right takes practice and patience. Don’t worry about looking Instagram perfect, those pictures are edited anyway. By following the steps above, you can create a flawless look that fits your style and your face for everyday wear. For more lifestyle and beauty tips, follow Beauty ‘N Fashion on social media today.