Beauty Tips for Every Women: Part 4

Makeup Brushes

You may have quality makeup products but what are they worth if you don’t have the right brushes to apply them with? Makeup is a part of most women’s daily routine as it can highlight their natural features, boost confidence and enhance a simple or dramatic look. 

If you want to apply your makeup in the morning and ensure it will last until night, you need to start considering investing in quality brushes. If you have the right kind of brushes to apply your makeup with often it can make your look better than even if you were using the best of makeup products. That’s why knowing quality in brushes is an essential component to your beauty routine and will show a difference all over your face. We have put together this guide to let you in on the beauty secrets as to how to choose the right makeup brushes and how to care for them for your ultimate look.

Choose Quality

A quality brush can be worth your investment as a great brush can last for years to come – along as it’s kept maintained and clean. Having the right brushes can truly make your cosmetics palette come to life and ensure your makeup look is to its fullest potential. If you enjoy applying powder, highlight, blush, eye shadow, and contour to make your makeup look perfection, you need to choose a quality brush.

A quality brush includes a variety of features that you need to carefully look for when choosing. The brush should be densely packed of silky and soft bristles that will sooth your skin. If you opt for a cheaper brush you will notice the poor quality immediately as the brush is rough, scratchy and could even end up irritating your skin. You will also know quality if your brush is able to hold makeup. By this we mean if you notice that your makeup is falling off the brush as you move it from the palette to your face, you know it’s not made of quality. A good makeup brush should transfer the product effectively.

There are many different styles of brushes that one can use for their makeup and we know it can get overwhelming. Instead of spending a fortune on a huge set of brushes we have put together a list of the essential brushes that are worth your investment for quality. These include:

  • Concealer brush
  • Powder brush
  • Liquid foundation brush
  • Blush brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Eye shadow applicator
  • Lip brush 

Clean Your Brushes

No matter which kind of brushes you have, you should be remembering to clean them periodically – even weekly! Does this surprise you? According to makeup artists and dermatologists, makeup brushes need to be cleaned to prevent breakouts that can be caused by a build-up of bacteria, debris, and oil on your brushes. The cleaner the better for anything used on your face! 

If you clean your brushes on a regular basis it will keep them in pristine shape and will even make for better application. You can easily wash your brushes with lukewarm water with a gentle soap and when you’re done softly dry them in a towel and hang upside down to dry. On our blog, we also shared an in-depth explanation of how to clean and sanitize makeup brushes.