Beauty Tips for Every Women: Part 3

Facial Cleanser

If you’re looking for the finest skincare routine, you need to consider adding a cleansing step to your everyday routine. This guide has been put together to inform you of the benefits, how to correctly choose the perfect cleanser, and how to apply a cleanser to your skin. After your finished reading, you will agree that a good cleanser matched with your type of skin is essential for your skincare routine.

What is Cleanser

The main purpose of using a cleanser is to clean the skin. For example, it can be used to remove oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup from your skin allowing your face to feel refreshed and give it a chance to breathe. This product works to exfoliate the top layer of the skin cells and helps to unclog pores. There are many forms of cleanser and the one you choose to use for your skin should be matched with your skin type for the best results.

Skin Type & Cleanser

Types of cleansers vary and choosing the right kind is necessary to meet the needs of your skin. Types of cleansers include lotion, foaming gels, face masks, oils, wipes, micellar water, and the list continues!

If you have sensitive or dry skin you should consider choosing a cleansing lotion. This is because lotion will moisturize and nourish the skin without irritating it. For a sensitive skin tip, try and avoid creams that include alcohol, dyes or fragrance for the gentlest touch.

If you have oily skin, you should consider a cleansing facemask that is made from charcoal or clay. This is because these kinds of facemasks are designed and formulated to remove excess oil and purify pores. This will give your face the deep clean it’s looking for.


Adding cleanser into your beauty routine is essential to achieve rejuvenated and pure skin. You should use your cleanser twice a day for its best results and read the label to find out its specific steps. For example, one cleanser might tell you to rinse your face after and another might suggest just applying using a cotton pad.

By using a cleanser in the morning, it can act as a clean foundation for your morning skincare routine. This means you can apply your cleanser before your moisturizer or makeup. After your night’s sleep, it’s best to wipe away any excess oil, shine or sweat from your skin and start the day with a fresh face. Trust us, your skin will thank you with a clean and refreshed look.

In the evening, a cleanser is fundamental for a deep cleaning to wash away all the dirt and germs that have been collected and gathered on your face throughout the day. Even though your face may not physically appear dirty, we assure you that there is dirt there clogging your pores and leaving you with unclean skin. It’s best to go to sleep with clean skin so your face is able to breathe freely through clean pores for the remainder of the night.