Budget Conscious Skin Care

When you are starting to build your own skincare routine, one very important thing to remember is that in order for products to be effective, it doesn’t mean that they also need to be expensive. All you really need for any routine is moisturizing, cleansing, and protecting. Only doing these three things will help you to reduce the overall cost of skincare products, while also maintaining your skin’s health. Keeping the number of products you use to a minimum will help keep the cost down as well. Also, the more products you use, the more likely it is to irritate your skin and cause signs of aging to be more noticeable. Beauty ‘N Fashion is going to go over some handy tips you can use to save you money on your skincare routine!  

Tips to Save Your Skin and Save Money! 

Cleansing Your Skin 

Make sure you do this before you apply any kind of skincare products and also before you go to bed. All you need is a cleanser that is gentle on the skin that will remove oil, dirt, and leftover debris. This will help to prevent any breakouts and clogged pores. In order to negate irritation, you should only be washing your face twice a day and only additionally when sweating excessively.  


In order to get the full benefits from moisturizer, make sure to apply it when your skin is damp. When you use moisturizer, this helps to trap water and hydrate your skin. This can make your skin look younger and brighter! It is important to remember to moisturize every part of your body, this includes your lips, face, and body. Moisturize even if you have oily skin. You can get moisturizers that have no added oil in them.  

Protect Yourself from the Sun 

Using sun protection, no matter what that is, will help to prevent age spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. No matter how you try and protect yourself, if it’s by staying in the shade when outside, wearing long sleeves or sun-protective clothing, sunglasses, hats, or using sunscreen, this is extremely important to do all the time, even in the winter. When you go outside, you should always be using sunscreen on any exposed skin.  

2-In-1 Products 

Dual functioning products, such as moisturizer with sunscreen is a good way to tick multiple things off of your skincare checklist at once. When you get any sunscreen or any other products that have sunscreen in them, you need to make sure that it is broad-spectrum and has an SPF of at least 30 or higher. It is also important to reapply every two hours if you are outside and always after you swim or sweat heavily.  

Make Sure to Read Labels 

The best products will have labels that say things like “won’t clog pores” and “non-comedogenic”. This will reduce your chances of breakouts and blackheads.  

Petroleum Jelly 

This can be used in a few different ways. It can treat minor injuries and moisturize dry nails and skin. This product is also very inexpensive.  

In order to minimize irritations and maximize your results, it is important to select products that are best for your skin type. Everyone is different, every skin type is different, this means that everyone’s skincare routine is going to use different products in order for it to work the best.  

All Skin Types 

-Normal Skin: this is clear skin that is not sensitive 
-Sensitive Skin: this is skin that feels irritation and might sting/burn when using certain products 
-Oily Skin: this is greasy looking skin that is shiny from excessive oil production 
-Dry Skin: this is skin that is itchy, rough, and flakey  
-Combination Skin: this is skin that can be oily in some areas and dry in others at the same time 

A lot of people are unsure about exactly what skin type they are. If you are not sure, we recommend that you talk to a dermatologist so they can help determine your skin type and what products you should be using.  

How We Can Help 

Taking care of your skin is important. Having a skincare routine is the best way to make sure you have flawless, radiant, and perfect skin. No matter what the commercials say, you don’t need to have the most expensive product in order to have healthy, glowing skin. Sometimes, you can even make things like facemasks out of common things you find in your own kitchen! We hope that these tips above help you find a good routine to get into, without breaking the bank. Beauty ‘N Fashion is here to help you learn more Beauty Tips so that you are able to customize your skincare routine so you can have picture perfect skin! Check out some of our other blogs to learn more about Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Tips!