Cost Effective Beauty Tips for Flawless Skin

Naturally, our skin changes as we get older. After a certain point it has less elasticity and we produce less collagen. The older we get, the damage done by the sun also becomes more apparent and noticeable. At times, these things can make your skin look dull and drained. Now, you might be asking how to make your skin look amazing while you age into your forties and beyond? Beauty ‘N Fashion is here to help you! We have put together a list of 5 outstanding products you can use to help keep your skin looking young and flawless, all without breaking the bank to do it!  


Is there anything this magical product can’t do? This clever hack is a great way to make sure your skin is glowing and soft. Rest assured that it won’t leave your skin looking greasy. It is great for getting those certain spots that need a little extra TLC. Under the eyes is one of these spots. Once you start to use this, it will only take a couple of weeks for you to see and feel how it makes your skin nice and soft. Perfect for dry skin, this little nifty product can be taken with you anywhere! Touch up those dry spots on the go, if you need to. You will see that it is super effective for keeping skin soft. An added bonus is that it is super affordable too! No need to spend superfluous amounts of money on skin care products.  

For Best Vaseline Results 

When using Vaseline on our face, you only need a pea sized amount. Put this on the back of your hand and make sure to spread it evenly. Use half of this on one side of your face and the other half on the other side of your face. You should make sure to go right up underneath your eyes, since this area tends to dry out the most. But you will need to make sure that you aren’t using too much Vaseline because you don’t want your skin to look greasy and you want to avoid your hair sticking to your face from it. To avoid this, use as much as directed and make sure to rub it in thoroughly. You also want to make sure that this is the last thing you put on your face at night in your skincare bedtime routine. For the best results, do this every night before bed. We also want to note that Vaseline does not have long lasting effects on your skin. It will only work when you are using it. So, if you stop using it, you will not see any results. This product enhances your skin when in use. If you are looking to give your eyelashes an extra boost as well, apply Vaseline to them before you put on your mascara.  

Highlighter Is Not Just for Your Cheeks 

A super neat trick you need to try is adding a spot of illuminator or highlighter under your eyes on the dark areas. When you use this under your eyes, the results will be popping! You won’t even need to use much at all. Just a little dab can go a long way. Be careful not to use too much highlighter, if you do it will make you look strange. Always start small and build your way up, if you need to.  

For Best Highlighter Results 

When applying the highlighter, make sure to press it in and not rub. Keep pressing until it is evenly distributed and looks nice.  

Oil and Flannel Exfoliation 

This simple trick will leave you with maximum results! If you are looking for a good way to gently exfoliate your skin, take dry flannel and dip it in warm water that is mixed with either baby oil or olive oil. This is especially helpful if you are using retinol or Retin-A.  

For Best Exfoliation Results 

When applying this exfoliator, make sure to use small circular motions using little force. Make sure to go over your entire face until all your skin has been covered. You should also go down your neck as well, which is often forgotten. Using this method, it will make any dead and peeling skin come off easy. As another added bonus, it is super cheap compared to using drugstore exfoliators.  

Brown Sugar Scrub 

Buckle in for the ultimate life hack! Take a tablespoon of some soft brown sugar and add half a tablespoon of olive oil to it. Once you have a thick paste consistency with some visible grains of sugar, apply to your face for an incredible moisturizing exfoliator!  

For Best Brown Sugar Scrub Results  

Rub it in using gentle circular motions, make sure to not scratch your skin with this. You will only need to go over each area once. When you are finished, take a warm water wash cloth and gently remove the scrub. After, you should use a hydrating cream on all exfoliated areas of skin. Doing this will leave you with super soft and clean skin.  

Hydrate Your Body 

Brink water! One of the easiest and cheapest ways to help your skin look younger and amazing is by making sure you are drinking enough water every day. Your skin will be glowing and plump in no time! We know that drinking 2liters of water a day can be daunting. However, you don’t actually have to drink that much to make a difference in your skin. Especially if you don’t like the idea of boring old water. For starters, try to have five medium sized glasses of water a day. This is all you need to notice a significant difference in your skin. 

How We Can Help 

As you age, the importance of taking care of your skin increases. But trying to take care of your skin should not be overly expensive. Beauty ‘N Fashion hopes that you can use these affordable home tips and tricks for your beauty routine! For more Beauty Tips, check them out on our website! While you are there, check out our other blogs on Fashion and Lifestyle tips!