How to Take Care of Dry, Unruly Hair

Are you tired of struggling with unruly hair? Perhaps you have spent a small fortune trying out new products that leave your hair in worse condition than when you started? If you are suffering from dry hair, you know how important it is to keep it hydrated to avoid additional damage. Beauty ‘N Fashion has created an easy to follow guide that will help you take care of your hair on a daily basis. These tips are basics do’s and don’ts for styling, drying, washing, and caring for dry or brittle hair. 

Dry With Care

When you wash your hair, take care with how you go about drying it. Squeeze extra water out of our hair instead of roughly rubbing a towel along your tresses. This friction can cause breakage, which will further damage your hair once it dries.

Before using a blow dryer, add a light moisturizer to your hair. You can also do this before curling or straightening. There are even products that specifically created to protect hair from heat damage, which lock in moisture. Start by applying the product from the ends, working up towards your roots. Brush the product through your hair to create an even coating.

Invest in a natural boar bristle hairbrush to use while blow-drying your hair. It helps to bring natural oils out of your scalp for extra protection. Make sure to always hold the hairdryer at least four inches away from your brush while you are styling your hair for extra protection.

Style Mindfully

Your blow dryer can get dirty over time, which can damage your hair. Make a point of cleaning your vents often, or replacing your dryer when it no longer has sufficient airflow. Poor airflow or air pressure can increase the amount of heat that is blowing on your hair. Too much heat not only will dry out your hair, but it can also cause breakage. If you are styling your hair at a salon, ask your stylist to check their equipment before your appointment.

Make sure to use products that are healthy for your hair, such as olive oil, argon, and avocado. In the same token, skip out on products that contain fragrance and those that are listed as being volumizing. Both types can dry out your hair and cause breakage over the long run. Make a point of using a deep conditioner on your hair at least twice weekly for added moisture.

Regular Hair Care

If you spend a lot of time showering at the gym, it is important to condition your hair every time you shower. Use a moisturizing conditioner applied from the ends of your hair through to the roots. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes while you are in the steam room. This is a great way to help the cuticles on your hair open, so the roots can get extra moisture. Wash out the conditioner with cool water after your steam session.

When you know you will be out in the sun for a while, use a leave-in conditioner that has UV sun protection. You should also wear a scarf or at least braid your hair to reduce exposure to harmful sun rays.