Ingredients That Work Best for Anti-Aging

Just Like Magic 

There are a lot of ingredients in over-the-counter skin care that will eventually help your skin look young and beautiful again. These products usually take a long time to see results. You can typically see some sort of results within a few months. However, do not expect very significant differences with your appearance. Results will vary depending on the exact product you use and your skin. Continue reading to find out what Beauty ‘N Fashion has come up with for you to combat aging. It might change your life!  

Wrinkles Be Gone! 

If you want to treat fine lines, you should look for products that contain retinoids. These are derived from vitamin A. Retinol helps your skin produce more collagen, making your skin smoother. The over-the-counter version is very easy on your skin. There is a prescription version but it will be harsher because it contains Retin-A which is known to dry out skin. You can also look for products that contain vitamin C. This will also help remove fine lines and aid in lessening damage done by the sun. In doing so, it will keep wrinkles away.  

No More Sagging Skin 

Topical products with peptides or growth factors are a great way to firm skin that is sagging. Peptides are actually amino acids that enable your skin to produce proteins, this includes collagen. Collagen is the #1 protein found in your skin. Another thing you can do is get a daily moisturizer that contains ceramides. This is actually the fat found in the layers of our skin. You will lose these fats as you age. So, getting moisturizer that replaces the lost fat will help keep you skin firm. These moisturizers are also typically cheaper- Bonus!  

Vanish Dark/Age Spots 

If you are looking to take away dark spots, you should look into getting hydroquinone. This is an over-the-counter skin bleach. You can also use kojic acid, which is often found in skin whitening products. To even out your skin tone, use retinoids. A study showed that if you use vitamin C for 12 weeks, it will fade age spots. If you end up using any of these products, it is imperative that you use sunscreen. If you don’t you are at risk of getting your dark spots back from the sun exposure.  

Say Goodbye to Uneven Skin Tones 

A good step before you go trying to bleach uneven skin tones is to get products that have alpha hydroxy acids in them. This helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal new ones which can bring out a more even tone. Retinoids are also known to help uneven skin. However, both of these are known to irritate dry and sensitive skin. Use with caution if you have either of those skin types.  

Don’t Be Dull  

Dull skin can happen if you are a smoker or your skin is dry. A simple moisturizer can help you look like you have firmer and fuller skin. It is best to remove dead skin with retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids. This will brighten your skin and leave it smooth!  

Stronger Is Not Always Better 

There are certain over the counter products that are only available in one strength. While others come in a spectrum of strengths. Things like retinol are known to dry and irritate skin. We would recommend starting on the lowest strength and working your way up, only if you need to.  

It’s That Time Again 

Certain products require you to apply them at certain times of the day. For instance, vitamin C should always be applied in the morning. While products containing retinol need to be applied at night. This is because the sun can actually stop it from properly working. If you want your skin to look more youthful or if you have dry skin, use moisturizer every day. If you get a good moisturizer, this will help your skin look nice and plump! 

Can You Layer-Yes! 

If you decide to double up on anti-aging products, make sure to apply the one with active ingredients first. This allows it to be absorbed into your skin better. For instance, when doing your morning routine, you should put on vitamin C first, then apply sunscreen, and put on makeup last. This layering technique lets the vitamin C work into your skin, while the sunscreen will protect you from the sun, and your makeup will add the finishing touches for the day! As for your bedtime routine, you should put on retinol first and apply moisturizer after.  

Consult A Professional 

If you are finding that the products you are using are affecting your skin and making it irritated, there are always other options for you to try. If you are still having difficulty finding the proper products, always consult with a dermatologist. They will be able to properly help you find the safest options that fit your skin type and help you feel and look your best!  

How We Can Help  

We may not have a time machine to turn back the hand of time for our beauty, but these tips are the next best thing! At Beauty ‘N Fashion, we take our Beauty Tips, Fashion Tips, and Lifestyle Tips very seriously. We are here to try and help as many people as we can, feel and look their best. Age gracefully from taking our tips and putting them into practice. If you want to learn more, check out our website for other informational blogs! We hope you learn something new that can help you!