Ways to Exfoliate Safely at Home

When you exfoliate, this helps remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. There are a lot of people who like to exfoliate regularly because they think that it helps their skin look better and smoother. However, exfoliating is not for everyone. There are certain things and techniques to be done in order to properly exfoliate, if these things are not done correctly, you could hurt yourself and damage your skin. This is why Beauty ‘N Fashion has come up with this blog to help you find out proper ways to safely exfoliate!  

For everyone that chooses to exfoliate, safety is a top priority. Properly exfoliating will make sure that you do not damage your skin, increase its redness, or promote acne breakouts.  

Since every skin type is different, this means that not every exfoliation technique will work for you. You need to take into account what skin type you are and decide what exfoliation method will be safest and best for you.  

Skin Types:  

  • Sensitive skin- product use might cause stinging or burning 
  • Normal skin- not sensitive and clear 
  • Dry skin- can be itchy, flakey, and rough to the touch 
  • Oily skin- greasy and shiny 
  • Combination skin- can be oily and dry at the same time in different areas 

Two main at-home exfoliation methods are; chemical and medical. Depending on your skin type, this will determine what method you use. For medical exfoliation, this uses a tool. The tool can be a sponge or a brush. This is used to scrub away the dead skin cells. For chemical exfoliation, this uses specific chemicals to gently dissolve the dead skin cells. Certain chemicals commonly used are alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  

The following tips are recommended by dermatologists in order to prevent skin damage when you exfoliate.  

Account Other Skin Care Products You Are Currently Using

Certain over the counter products and medications make your skin more sensitive than usual and could cause peeling. If you are taking prescriptions for retinoid creams or anything containing retinol or benzoyl peroxide, these cause hypersensitivity in your skin and exfoliating should be avoided. If you do exfoliate while on these medications, it can worsen dry skin and can cause acne breakouts.  

Tailor Your Exfoliation to Your Skin Type  

If you have sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin, you have to be super cautious. Your best exfoliation method would be a simple washcloth and a mild chemical exfoliator. For those with oily thick skin, you can use a stronger chemical treatment or a medical exfoliant. For darker skin completions, it is best to avoid strong medical and chemical exfoliation products. You should stop strong treatments if you notice you are getting dark spots or burns on your skin, acne breakouts, or bug bites. In some cases, when the more aggressive exfoliation methods are used, this can cause permanent dark spots on the skin.  

Make Sure You Are Gentle 

When using a chemical exfoliator or a scrub to exfoliate, always apply them gently. When applying, go in small, circle motions around the area you want to exfoliate. Only do this for 30 seconds and rinse off with warm water, make sure it’s not hot water. If you choose to use a sponge or brush, do light short strokes along your skin. Make sure to never exfoliate if you have any open wounds, cuts, or a sunburn.  

End With Moisturizer 

For anyone, exfoliating can leave you with dry skin. It is important to use moisturizer right after exfoliating in order to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.  

Come Up With A Schedule 

Depending on your skin type, this will determine how often you should exfoliate and exactly what method is best for you. A rule of thumb is when using the more aggressive exfoliation methods, the less often you need to do it.  It is very important not to over-exfoliate because this leads to irritated and red skin.  

How We Can Help  

If you are unsure about exactly what skin type you are and what exfoliation method you should be using, you should always consult a professional dermatologist or cosmologist. They will be able to evaluate your skin and help you come up with the best way to help you exfoliate. Here at Beauty ‘N Fashion, we try our best to keep you informed with as many Beauty Tips as possible. If you want to read more and get more information, check out our website!