Top 7 Reasons to Grow a Beard

Pretty much any reason is a good reason to grow out a thick and handsome beard. However, if you are looking for an excuse, Beauty ‘N Fashion has seven of the top reasons you should grow a beard and lock in your choice of growing out your facial hair.

#1 Growing a Beard is Convenient

Shaving takes time and effort, a lot of time and effort. It also takes up a lot of products. Growing a beard saves you time since you won’t have to shave daily, and you also won’t have to spend money on shaving cream, razors, and aftershave balm. Taking care of a beard is as easy as taking care of the hair on your head, and most barbers will trim and neaten your beard when they cut your hair.

#2 Beards are Manly

If you want to add a certain amount of ruggedness to your look, the best way to go about it is by growing out your facial hair. You can use a beard to cover a weak chin, scars, blemishes and more under a nice fluff of tuft.

#3 You Want to Look Tough or Smart

For men who want to quickly shed their soft or baby like image, a beard is an easy way to “age up”. Most people associate beards with a certain level of masculinity, so growing one out is sure to help bolster your tough-guy image. On the other hand, a shorter or angled beard can give you the image of being an intellectual. Imagine sitting in the coffee shop deep in a book of poems as you stroke your nerdy goatee.

#4 It’s A Good Hiding Spot

Women get to carry purses to hide their snacks and goodies while men are stuck with a wallet. If you have a beard, you can hide all manner of things to discover later down the road. If you have a permanent tattoo on your face, instead of spending money on laser removal, grow out your beard to cover it up! 

#5 A Distraction from Balding

A great number of men will suffer from pattern balding in their lifetime. Although there is no way to stop genetic balding, you can distract others from your thinning crown of hair. Many people who have full thick beards are able to pull off a shaved head look or even closely cropped haircuts to minimize the appearance of a balding pate. For more information on ways for men to reduce hair loss, check out our previous blog post.

#6 Natural Insulation

Mufflers and turtlenecks are for weaklings. Instead, grow your own insulation in the winter in the form of a thick beard. You will keep your face, and neck warm all season long, and in the summer, you can avoid sunburns the same way.

#7 Money Saver

Saving cost money, whether you go to the barber for a cut or if you shave daily at home, the cost or razors can add up. Aside from razors, there are all of the other little things that go into your shaving kit that also cost a pretty penny over time. If you are prone to razor bumps or have sensitive skin, chances are you are shelling out for specialty shaving products as well.

Be Your Natural Self

There are so many reasons to grow a beard, but they all boil down to one thing – your preference. To get updates on Beauty ‘N Fashion’s latest blog posts, follow our social media accounts!