7 Things the Colors Your Wear Reveal About Your Personality

The colors you wear say a lot about your personality and can even affect the way people interact with you. Beauty ‘N Fashion has put together a list of the seven most commonly worn colors and what they mean when you wear them.

Red is For Romance

Red is a bold color that looks flattering on a wide assortment of people. It is a power color and can be a strong choice depending on your profession. It is important to keep in mind that red is most often a color that is linked with romance and sensual feelings. If you are looking for a job, it might be a good idea to ditch the color and save it for a hot date instead.

Blue Indicates Business

According to research, blue is the color managers in HR prefer to see when they conduct an interview. If you are looking to land a position, wearing office blue will give your potential employer a positive impression. According to color psychology, blue gives the impression of competence and trustworthiness. Surprisingly, if you poll most people worldwide, blue would be the most preferred color of all colors.

Blend in with Black & Grey

Standing apart from the crowd can be a great thing, but there are times you may prefer to move around unnoticed. Grey is elegant, but also unassuming, and black is also sleek without being extra conservative. Both colors are safe to wear to any event if you want to hang on the fringes or place attention elsewhere. If you are going to an interview, you may want to choose a more bold color choice, however, black or grey are perfect for performances, casual outings and more.

Teal & Green for Creativity

Green gives off the feeling of safety, fertility, and also appeals to the senses on a level that can’t be explained. Most people feel reassured and calmed when presented with shades of green which also triggers thoughts of creativity. If you are looking for a job that focuses on creativity, teal is the perfect choice for your interview.

Be Positive with Pink

Pink has always been a color that brings to mind softness, and this is mainly because it is an approachable color. Both men and women who want to give off an air of friendliness and open communication should consider adding pink hues to their wardrobe. Pink has the effect of projecting a positive aura which is perfect for those looking to land a job. If you want to be bold in blue, but also seem open, pair it with pink for a perfect blend of quiet confidence.

Yellow Signals Caution

There is a good reason for most traffic lights and traffic signs to use bright yellow. Even in nature, things that you should be wary of are often striped with yellows and reds. Yellow is a polarizing color even though it is also a positive color. It does also mean happiness and health, but most often, it is not the best choice for a job interview.

Get Organized in White

Wearing white is truly for the bold, meticulous, and very organized. In order to wear white, and pull it off, not only do you have to keep your whites clean, but also neat. White is a great color to wear to a business meeting, an interview in the medical or creative niche, or even a serious dinner. The color shows that you have yourself together and are on top of your responsibilities.

How people perceive colors can affect how they think about you. It is always important to make a good impression when going for a job interview, a first date, or in general. For general updates on our latest beauty blog posts, follow Beauty ‘N Fashion on social media!