Some Useful Fashion Tips You Need to Know

Do some mornings feel like a fight when trying to decide what to wear? You should know that you are not alone and definitely not the only one that feels this way. Almost everyone has these moments where they think “I have nothing to wear!”. Let us help to guide you with some easy steps to help your fashion.

The Classic White Shirt

Although this may sound like a simple solution, having a white shirt can go a long way. This is because creating an outfit around the base of a white shirt is actually quite easy. You can pair almost any jacket and shoes to match and you can even dress it up or dress it down.

If you’re looking to go out, pairing your white shirt with a leather jacket and a bold red lipstick will make deciding what you’re going to wear almost thoughtless. If you’re having more of a casual and laid back day, why not pair it with a pair of comfy jeans. Having a simple shirt is a standard must-have in everyone’s closet and is totally worth your investment!

Keep Your Proportions Right

Its time you get some style advice that will never run out of fashion! To balance proportions right for your body, you have to start by assessing yourself and seeing how you can manipulate the tips to make it work for your body type. With balancing proportions it’s easy to show off what you’re proud of! Like a slim waist or toned legs. Let’s see how you can make it work for your appearance.

The first trick is to add some opposite volume. For example, if you want to show off your slim waist wear a tight shirt and pair it with some wide-leg trousers to offset the look. This will create an illusion to draw people’s attention to your slim waist! If you’re pear-shaped, a little tip would be to wear basic pants paired with a bold scarf. This will bring the attention upward to your bold scarf. With these tips, you will be able to balance the proportions of your body and draw attention to the places you want!

Don’t Be to Matching

Sometimes wearing a simple outfit can achieve your desired look more so than wearing an outfit that has some obvious previous planned out thought of how to get it to be matchy-matchy. Instead of aiming for all the same colours or same patterns why not opt for complimenting colours in your outfit. 

This can easily be done by looking at a colour wheel and determine which colours sit directly across from each other and using them to inspire your look. Pairing the two colours together can be simple if you decide on wearing a standard colour for your outfit and using the other complementary colour for your handbag or accessories. Complementary colours are a great way to spice up your look while keeping it classy and clean.