Protect Yourself from Germs So You Don’t Get Sick

With COVID-19 in full swing, this is the perfect time to learn all you can about food handling skills, housekeeping strategies, and personal hygiene in order to protect yourself from bacteria and germs. Beauty ‘N Fashion has created the perfect Lifestyle guide to help you stop the spread of common sicknesses.  

Germs Don’t Mind It Hot or Cold 

When you take the time to scrub your hands properly with soap and water, you should be doing this for at least 30 seconds. Washing regularly is the easiest way to get rid of germs lingering on your hands and to stop the spread of them from your hands. Some people say that the water needs to be super-hot in order to kill off the germs. We are here to tell you that this is not actually the case. It doesn’t matter if you wash with hot or cold water, it is the soap that kills the germs. You can make the temperature whatever is comfortable for you.  

Hand Sanitizer Is Your New Best Friend While on The Go 

For the times where you do not have access to a sink and soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Using a sanitizer that has 62 – 70% alcohol content will be able to kill most of the germs on your hands and skin. It is very important that when you are busy running around, to always carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you so that you can apply it frequently throughout the day, as needed. This should be after every time you touch something that doesn’t belong to you. Public door handles, in particular, harbor all kinds of germs from everyone touching them. Protect yourself and use hand sanitizer after opening or closing a public door.  

Good Germs Do Exist 

We don’t want you to think that absolutely all germs are bad. There are certain ones that are recommended to consume. This includes prebiotic-rich foods, such as asparagus and bananas. These are different from probiotics. Probiotics are living bacteria that aid in your digestion of foods. They can be found living in your gut. Prebiotics are what help to nourish these good bacteria that are already in your body.  

Organize Your Fridge 

You have probably heard of salmonella before. These bacteria can make someone very sick. Since it is so harmful, it is best to avoid scenarios that can harbor it. This includes the spread of it through contact of certain things in your fridge. This can happen when prewashed fresh fruits and veggies get in contact with raw meat or their juices. A good habit to get into is washing all fruits and veggies right before you eat them. Another suggestion we have is to organize your fridge. Separate any raw meats from your fresh food and put them in the bottom of your fridge. Put any unwashed fresh food in the middle of your fridge and any already washed food at the top. This will help to prevent any cross-contamination.  

No Need to Wash Your Poultry 

It is not actually recommended to wash raw poultry before cooking it. When you rinse it, the bacteria is able to be carried by the water. A good way to avoid food-born illnesses while prepping food is to use a different cutting board and knife when preparing poultry. Use another board and knife for all other ingredients.  

Do Not Use Hand Dryers 

Microbiologists found that using public restroom hand dryers had concentrated airborne bacteria that is 27 times higher than using paper towel dispensers. Even though hand dryers are more eco-friendly, they can increase your chance of germ contamination. So, when using a public bathroom, use the paper towel or your own hand sanitizer.  

Public Bathrooms Can Be A Breeding Ground For Bacteria 

Most people think that the toilets in public bathrooms are where the most germs are. This is actually not true. The worst places for germs can be found in the sink basin, faucet handles (if there are any), and door handles. When opening and closing any doors in a public bathroom, we suggest that you use a paper towel, especially when leaving after you wash your hands.  

Toothbrush Germs 

Do you remember the last time you changed your toothbrush? If you do not remember, then it is definitely time to throw it out and get a new one. If your toothbrush is not stored away in a brawer or does not have a covering and is left out on the counter or in a cup holder, it is exposed to harmful bacteria. This bacterium is actually from your open toilet bowl. Every time you flush an open bowl, there is a biofilm of fecal coliforms that can latch onto your exposed toothbrush and grow. To avoid this,  store your toothbrush in a drawer, put the lid down on your toilet when flushing, and make sure to rinse your toothbrush in hot water for at least 5 seconds before you use it.  

Cellphones Are Not Germ Free 

Germs love to attach themselves to your cell phones. When testing the surfaces of cell phones, as many as one in six had traces of fecal matter on them. To minimize the risk of infection, you should be wiping down your phone with disinfectant every day.  

Properly Use Disinfecting Wipes 

To avoid moving germs around, you should be using a new disinfectant wipe for each surface you are wiping down. A study showed that disinfectant wipes can actually spread superbugs when used on multiple surfaces.  

Bacteria Be Gone 

Many people like to use sponges to wash their dishes. But these are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. One study found that you can reduce the germs that are living in your sponge by more than 99% by simply microwaving the sponge for 1-2 minutes before use.  

Remove Your Shoes 

This is going to be a shock, but on average, there are 421,000 different bacteria that can be found on your shoes. To avoid spreading these bacteria around your house, leave your shoes by the front door.  

Hot Water Undie Wash 

A load of your underwear can contain 1 million E. coli bacteria. These bacteria have a higher chance of surviving the wash when cold water is used. If they survive, they can be transferred to other clothing. The best way to avoid this is to wash your clothes with water that is 60 degrees Celsius or hotter. Using bleach will also kill these bacteria.  

How We Can Help  

Stopping the spread of any bacteria and germs is important. Now more so than ever. These tips are very important for everyday life in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Beauty ‘N Fashion wants to keep you and everyone else safe with these easy-to-follow tips. If you want to learn any more Lifestyle, Beauty, Or Fashion tips, check out our website!