Don’t Wear Socks to Bed

At one point or another, your parents might have told you to take your socks off before you go to bed. Did you listen? Maybe, maybe not? Now that you are older, you can make your own decisions. Beauty ‘N Fashion is going to tell you some reasons that you should not sleep with your socks on.  

Cut Circulation  

While there are some socks that you can wear to improve your circulation, wearing certain socks to bed can actually cut off the circulation to your feet. While you are sleeping, your heart rate goes down. If you are wearing tight socks, with already reduced blood flow, it will further limit the blood getting to your feet. If you are finding you are wearing socks to bed because your feet are cold, you can get specific bed socks or wear ones that are not tight on your feet.  

Chances of Skin Infection 

If you wear socks that contain nylon or any other fabric that is not skin-friendly, you can actually cause yourself to get a skin infection if worn too long. To avoid this, picking cotton socks is best.  

Increase Body Temperature 

Although you might have put socks on because your feet were cold, they can eventually cause you to overheat throughout the night. This is especially true for socks made of unbreathable fabric. Your body temperature can also rise during the day, if you wear these socks. It is best to always buy breathable socks for day and night.  

No Peaceful Sleep 

If you are wearing tight socks to bed, you might have noticed that they were uncomfortable and interrupted your sleep. Therefore, either wear no socks or loose socks to bed.  

Bad Hygiene 

If you wear socks to bed, you are at risk of developing bad hygiene. You increase your chances of infection and odors if you wear the same socks repeatedly, they are too light, not clean, or are made of fabric that does not breath. It is in your best interest to get socks that are made of bamboo or cotton. This will make sure that they are breathable. You should also wear a new pair every night before going to bed, if you choose to continue wearing them.  

The Choice Is Yours 

Now that you have read through our blog and you know the risks of wearing socks to bed, it is your choice if you keep doing it. But, make sure that if you do continue to wear socks to bed that they are made of breathable fabric, are clean, and are not too tight. Sleep well!  

How We Can Help  

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