Strength Training Tips for Beginners

Looking to try out strength training but have been avoiding doing so because of fear? Were here to tell you that there is nothing to fear! Although it’s been known that only “men” participate in strength training activities that is certainly not the case anymore! Today more and more women are joining classes and getting more into this kind of training. We want to tell you that there no better time than now to start.

Strength training comes with lots of rewards for both men and women. Training to be able to use the barbell, kettlebells and free weights will allow you to set personal goals for yourself and with enough work; you can achieve the results you want. We have put together a guide for you that includes tips on what you need to know when starting strength training, continue reading!

Create Your Own Path

The great thing about the strength training community is that there is no judgement. Everyone has their own set of goals and different targets they want to achieve. As long as you are committed and work hard, strength training can be surprisingly rewarding. The great thing about strength training is if your target is to reach a 120lbs deadlift then you don’t have to go further than that. After you achieve your first goal you can simply just move on to the next. With strength training common goals include toning up or weight loss.

Get Comfortable

Creating your own routine that’s suited to your body is important. As a beginner, your routine will want to be challenging but you need to keep in mind what your limits are. If you want to skip some weight machines they go for it. Some great equipment to get started with includes using the dumbbells, free weights or a barbell. Exercises with this equipment will start working muscles you didn’t even know you had and you can expect to be sore after.

When starting strength training sometimes it’s easier to start with a friend or join someone at the gym and learn from them. This will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed when starting these new movements. Another idea is to make a work out playlist on your phone and listen to it as you are training. This will help to encourage and focus you.

Practise Makes Perfect

It takes time and practise when perfecting your strength training movements. To build your muscle memory, lots of repetition is required in your routine. Different moves can be challenging at first but remember to not get easily discouraged. Over time with enough commitment your body will surprise you with what it can do.

Keep Committed

Weight training requires your full commitment to see actual results. Once you start to master some basics moves, work yourself to keep progressing on your goals. Know when to keep pushing yourself and know when your body needs a break. As a beginner, it’s important to keep yourself safe so if you have any questions or you are unsure about anything just ask! Find someone working at the gym or ask a friend who is at an advanced level of strength training. If you’re looking to start strength training now is the perfect time to start!